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The mountains just outside my hometown of Boulder, Colorado are ablaze tonight. 4000 people have been evacuated, over 7000 acres are burning and it's not contained at all. 93 structures have already been lost. Thurs-Sat are expected to be windy days and up there windy means windy -- when I was a kid I used to be afraid of how horrible it must've been in Chicago if they were the ones so windy as to be the windy city while we sit around with our paltry 120mph gusts. Thankfully they expect the gusts later this week to "only" be 60-80mph.

The fire has apparently been raised to a "Tier I" fire, making it a "national priority". I have no idea what that means other than you will probably see something about it on CNN tomorrow.

It hadn't rained for about a month in that area, and the humidity had been sitting around 10%. The area is also affected by pine beetles, so there's a lot of dry, dead timber just ready to spark.

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Yesterday I went to the H-Mart, a giant Korean Walmart of srots, and got some red bean mochi ice cream. It's a golfball wad of red bean ice cream covered in "mochi", a gelatinous sweetened rice thing.

Set it out and let the ice cream inside soften a little, and omg num.

Human goodness

"And while we haven't always made the best decisions, we've always had the best intentions. Together we've done a lot of good."

I just watched this confusing commercial for Tom's of Maine. Well actually it's for a program ToM is doing to try to fund non-profits and other go-getting good people. For the first minute or so -- it was a really long commercial -- it was filled with catchphrases like the above and drawings of cute little bunny rabbits. And toothpaste. The commercial reminds me of Veridian Dynamics' commercials from Better Off Ted. The expression "human goodness" sounds so damned fake.

"Life. Better. Human Goodness."

Also, I love Mumford & Sons like I love crazypants, and I loooove crazypants.

I wrote this entry like Edgar Allen Poe. I assumed that it was due to the, "Life. Better. Human Goodness" but even when redacted I was still quite Poelike. Apparently that ball of cheese on its own is more P.G. Wodehouseish.

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Life likes to be bittersweet.

On Thursday a guy I know, one of the few good people I know, slid off the road and crashed down a 45 degree embankment in the hills for 496 feet.

He's doing remarkably well! A fractured skull, a broken rib...but he'll be flown back here after the weekend.

The story made the Associated Press and has been showing up on national news.


Not because he miraculously survived, but because a trooper was quoted as having suspected drinking, and that charges were pending.

The best we can find out is that charges are definitely NOT pending, which makes sense - the kid hasn't touched alcohol in a half-dozen years. Not a drop.

I wonder if that will make national news :(

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Thank you kindly anonymous for that lovely lemur.

If you squint he kinda looks like an oddly colored alpaca.

Also, thank you for not giving me granny panties or crabs <3